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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

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Understanding men is nearly impossible.

Coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriend? is even more impossible. Especially when you ask them what they want and they just respond with the dreaded “I don’t know.” This year I almost forgot it was my boyfriend’s birthday because we live on opposite sides of the country.

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Luckily, I was able to brainstorm some ideas and fast. I like to think I’ve got pretty good gift ideas in mind, and would love to share some of them with you ladies who are currently riding the gift giving struggle bus. Below I’ve created a list of super spectacular gift ideas for your boyfriend:

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

10 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend:

1. Activity Tracker

I know a lot of guys who like to stay in shape by running, lifting or playing sports. Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone have so many options for fitness tracker bracelets, watches, and other accessories. They also have awesome phone apps, so if you have your own tracker you can connect and cheer/taunt them 😉



2. Record Player & Vinyls

Who doesn’t love good music? and something about listening to it on a record player is oh so satisfying. This is a great gift option because you can totally personalize it, depending on what your boyfriend likes to listens to.

3. Concert Tickets

Kinda ties in with the record player vibe, but getting concert tickets for your boyfriend’s favorite band or DJ is a dope idea…and you get to spend time together. Win-win! Anything music related makes great gift ideas for your boyfriend.

4. Whiskey/Coffee gift basket

If your budget is tighter, creating a little gift basket of coffee or whatever other drink product your boyfriend likes is a super easy and cute way to show them you know ’em. Trav loves Dunkin, so I sent him a little gift basket with Dunkin Donuts coffee and a new Contigo travel mug. If they’re into whiskey or whatever alcohol, invest in some booze, glasses and whiskey stones. The options with this one are endless and customizable. You can even have their initials etched on!

5. Handmade from the Heart

Nothing says you care like a home-made gift from the heart. Learn how to knit or crochet them a hat and manly matching scarf. If you don’t consider yourself an artsy gal, do something simple like create a cute scrapbook of your best memories. Cue the awws!

*Leisure Arts offers amazing beginner resources including Learn to Crochet Now! eBook and Learn to Knit Now! eBook*

6. TV Streaming Device

Holy moly my Google Chromecast is probably one of the best gifts I could have ever gotten. I know there’s a lot of TV streaming devices now like Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and the Roku Streaming Stick. Each one has different features along with different prices, but for whichever one you decide to invest in, I’m sure it’ll be a great gift. Also, you can buy them a year of Hulu/Netflix if they don’t have it already. Netflix & Chill…?

Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

7. Cigars & Cigar Humidor

The men in my family absolutely love this gift. 12/10 would recommend. You boyfriend will be forever grateful as he cracks open some cold ones and lights up some cigars with the boys.

gift ideas for your boyfriend


 8. Hammock

Hammock naps are the best naps. Fact. Your boyfriend will love you for it.

9.  Craft Beer Club

If your guy loves craft beer, sign them up for The Craft Beer of the Month club. Over the year, they’ll get 12 awesome craft beers with a little packet of information about each one. You can choose to have them delivered monthly, every other month, or in quarterly shipments. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

10. Water Speakers

These water speakers are so fun to watch and add a little more excitement to any social gather or pregame. Besides, you can always steal them from him and use them yourself ;).

I hope I at least kick-started your brain, and help you get some great and unique gift ideas for your boyfriend.

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