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DIY Puppy Paw Print Artwork

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What’s a better way to appreciate your furry family member than with a puppy painting?

Hint hint. There is none. My puppy brother is officially 16 years old! So for his birthday, I wanted to make a little DIY paw print art project with his very own penmanship.

So I went to my fave store (Michael’s duh) and purchased some craft supplies. Here is how you and your furry friend can make this DIY paw print canvas.

DIY Puppy Paw Print Artwork:

What You’ll Need:

  1. 8×10″ Blank Canvas
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. A Marker
  4. Newspaper
  5. Paper Plates
  6. An old towel
  7. A Floofy and Cooperative Animal Friend

Start by setting up newspaper outside or in a garage, to avoid making any sort of mess indoors. If you gotta do it indoors…use a lot of newspaper! Next, put small paint pools on tiny paper plates. Make sure to make the pools large enough to fill up your entire dog’s paw.

Personally, I wanted to do an American theme, so I used a wine red and navy blue acrylic paint. Feel free to use any colors you want!!! (make sure your pupperino approves too).

You can trim your dog’s paw hair for a more defined paw print, but I think the paw hair ads texture and character.

Dip your dogs paw in the paint, and wipe off any drips on the newspaper. Next, press his/her paw on the canvas however way you want! This the best part, and is where you get to be creative and ~artsy~.

When you switch colors or finish your project, wipe off any excess paint with the old towel.

Let your canvas dry for a few hours and use the marker to label it however you want!

The best part about this project, is that you can customize your paw print masterpiece by adding little drawings, stickers or glitter. Whatever you want!

paw print

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Did you try this project? Post your pictures below! I would love to see your magnificent fuzzy friend and their paw print canvas 🙂

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