About Me

Hi friends!

First of all, welcome to my blog The Inspiration Cove! I’m super excited that you’re here. You can call me Amanda, Mandy, whatever floats your boat.

My Mission:

The reason why I started this blog was to promote overall wellness and happiness. My goal is to share tips, tricks, and ideas that inspire you to live your best and happiest life.


A little bit more about me. I/I am…
  • A Jersey girl who recently relocated to California.
  • 24 Years old.
  • A previous gymnast/circus performer.
  • A Florida State Seminole!
  • LOVE all four seasons. I never take any holiday celebration lightly (especially Christmas).
  • A marathoner (of House Hunters, Say Yes to The Dress & Four Weddings).
  • A yogi in training.
  • A horticulture enthusiast.
  • A 90’s baby.
  • A crafter (mostly crochet but whatever fits my mood).
  • A puppy lover.
  • Trying to make my 20’s the happiest years yet!

Follow me on my personal journey through The

Hope you all enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚